Mama Grizzly vs. Tiger Blood

By Jack Simony

Things are not looking good for a certain “Mama Grizzly” from Alaska.  Just for fun, Public Policy Polling conducted a poll pitting actor-turned-wingnut Charlie Sheen against President Obama and Sarah Palin in mock-2012 elections.  Overall, both Obama and Palin prevailed over Sheen, but interestingly enough, Palin beat Sheen in their match by only 44-24, i.e., she couldn’t garner even 50 percent.  Not a vote of overall confidence.

And, even more interestingly, Sheen actually beat out Palin among independents with a margin of 41-36, and among Hispanics with a 36-33 margin.

No matter how you slice or dice it, this does not bode well for Palin.  It seems it’s not only Democrats who have reservations about her qualifications.  It’s not partisan, it’s personal, i.e., she’s the wrong person for the job.

-Jack Simony

– By Jack Simony


About Jack Simony

Jack Simony is a hedge fund portfolio manager from New York City. More information and a full biography can be found by visiting
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